Future, Defined By Visionary Thinking

Ahmed Nasser Abdulla Hussein Al Nasser


Excelling in everything we do is our motto, and we have given a lot of focus on it since the time we started our journey. My vision is to see our organization growing to new heights by offering matchless Service; viable Solutions; and outstanding Innovation. I strongly believe in the power of ‘Uniqueness’ and you can see this reflecting in all our endeavors.

I empower my people to believe in their strength and to explore new dimensions of creativity in our domain. UAE is a vibrant nation that offers a wealth of opportunities for the dynamic and energetic people. Hills & Fort is the right service provider for clients who are looking for high-quality service at much better value. Our client-centric and professional work approach has won us applause across the industry. By embracing new and improved standards, we assure that our services are always a touch above the rest.

While I urge my team to constantly reinvent the way business is done in the region, I inspire our clients to discover the infinite possibilities that exist in our portfolio of offerings.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the stakeholders of Hills & Fort and look forward to offering unrivalled services to all our valuable clients now and in future.

René T. Stephen


One of the key factors of our growth is “Passion”. Undoubtedly our ‘Passion’ to excel; ‘Passion’ to offer solutions; and ‘Passion’ to innovate has today made Hills and Fort one of the leading names in the industry. At Hills & Fort, we constantly engage our resources in the most efficient and effective manner to achieve our objectives. The team is constantly encouraged to develop innovative ideas in Managing Resources; Projects; and Growth. We ensure the interest of all stakeholders are protected and covered, in line with our corporate ‘Values’.

We see our clients as ‘Partners’, without who we would cease to exist. This genuine belief and approach has added to our Business numerous ‘Satisfied and Delighted’ Clients.

Our passion to set trends in the industry shall continue as long as the quest for human development exists. Hills and Fort is fully prepared to lead from the front, as the market offers new opportunities and growth potential.

Anil M. Eapen

Managing Director – Hills and Fort Landscape LLC.

Hills and Fort is founded on Passion, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, and Ethics. These ‘Values’ are the true nature of our organization. All assignments undertaken by us are driven by these ‘values’ and I am proud to be in this team, as much as all my colleagues.

As an young graduate Engineer, I started my career as a ‘Design Engineer’ and therefore the very foundation of my career has been built on quality ‘Design’ principles. Today, as a leader of this organization, I can stand courageously and claim all our projects are backed by uncompromising design quality. Having worked for over two decades in the Middle East, I have grasped the unique subtleties of the region, and I got plenty of opportunities to work on challenging projects and offer solutions that not only got us client recognition but also a great sense of satisfaction.

As I look ahead, I am more excited with the emergence of new technologies and the evolving design dynamics. Years may pass by, but our commitment to quality and relationships with our stakeholders will remain more connected than ever.

Hills & Fort Landscape LLC Company Profile

Through our commitment, we are proud to claim an extensive list of prestigious, satisfied clients who can testify our philosophy.

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